Like plastic dolls trapped inside a real world of all bad, the Cripples try and sort it out for you. Listen to the music and you'll see that it's a complete mess. A fucked up conglomeration of styles dubbed "electro-garage-wave" by a Japanese reviewer, the Cripples don't try and "freak out" in some masturbatory freestyle jam. The Cripples try and bring the Noise in a way that makes more sense than all that new-wave "analog fetish" pastiche that is rising up from the primordial "rock underground." It's about both sound and song; there's no manifesto here. The Cripples are all about the ugly of America.

Greg Heino (Guitar Synthesizer and Vocals) and Ross Marshall (Synthesizer and Vocals) formed the Cripples in a high-school basement, where they created noisy synthesizer sounds and recordings. "We've always been interested in what sort of noises we could make with a synth that weren't just 'cool noises'" says Ross, "but noises that could be 'hooks' as a part of a song." All of the drum parts in those days were taken from records and looped on a primitive delay pedal.

Since the beginning the Cripples were influenced by such diverse artists as Devo, Pussy Galore, the Boredoms, Chrome, and the Modern Lovers. Their songs had contradicting flavors, but the vast majority were songs with real 'hooks'-one reviewer would later describe the Cripples as having "…pop songs with inappropriate electronic noise."

Not content to record basement tapes and quell their growing excitement about the style of music they were creating, the Cripples recruited Brian Wallace to play real drums. Brian also was the front man for the Primate 5, a garage band that sports ape masks. Later the Cripples would also add Jen Hale as their bassist. In 1996 the Cripples began to play local Punk clubs in Seattle. Where else could they play? Most punks of course didn't get the Cripples, one even calling them 'Aliens'. Over time, though, the Cripples have established a loyal following of fans that appreciate their sonic differences. They released a square 7" single in 1997 and people even liked it.

In 1998 the Cripples acquired a new, more focused rhythm section comprised of Allie (formerly of the Real Minx) on drums and Erik (of the Sinister 6) on bass. Over the course of the next year, the Cripples played with a wide variety of acts including Mudhoney, Sicko, Chrome Cranks, Satan's Pilgrims, Pure Joy, Hammicks, Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her, Wiretaps, Sinister Six, Kent 3, Room 41, the No-Talents. They're no Ken and Barbie, but the Cripples have their own plastic toys-and plastic sounds. Keep a look out for 'em.

The Cripples So Tired EP has a limited pressing of 1,000 copies (200 on gold vinyl) and comes wrapped in a silk-screened sleeve.

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