David -Guitar / Vocals
Jon - Bass
Matt - Drums / Guitar
James - Drums
( just a wee bit )

On this his second time out of the shed as Rat Columns, Man of Perth David West recruited two liked minded gents in the persons of Matt Bleyle and Jon Young to fully render a proper pop combo. With the two new lads and some help from Total Control maven James Vinceguerra 'Spectre Hole' was birthed. While it is true that this LP flies closer in to the pop sun than their previous efforts, it still manages to keep a toe in the murky waters of guitar noise and dour ambience. What you have here are fifteen tracks of varying lengths and moods that will keep the lis- tener on edge for the duration no matter the mental affliction.

The LP comes in an edition of 500 and is pressed on black vinyl complete with download codes.



LP out now.
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on iTunes.


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